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Frans Stiene

Reiki System

Usui Reiki Ryoho


1999 Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki teacher
2000 Opened a Reiki center in Darjeeling India for a year
2001 Usui Reki Ryoho teacher training
2001 Komyo Reiki teacher training with Hyakuten Inamoto
2001 Meeting up with different Reiki teachers in Japan
2001 Usui Teate training in Florence Italy
2001 till 2012 Training with Chris Marsh
2003 Gendai Reiki teacher training with Hiroshi Doi in Japan
2010 Started my training with Shugendo priest Kuban Sensei.
2012 Started my training in Japan with Shungendo priest Takeda Hakusai, direct Deshi of the famous Marathon Monk Sakai Dai Ajari
2016 Three weeks training in the mountains of Japan with my Shugendo teachers.

Sonstige Tätigkeiten / Aktivitäten

Writer of many blogs and articles
I studied for 12 years Taoism with a Chinese Taoist teacher
Teaching the system of Reiki in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia
Study with Buddhist teachers

Mitgliedschaft in folgenden Verbänden

Director of Shibuni International Reiki Association
Director of The International House of Reiki


2003 The Reiki Sourcebook with Bronwen Stiene
2005 The Japanese Art of Reiki with Bronwen Stiene
2006 A to Z of Reiki Pocketbook with Bronwen Stiene
2006 Reiki Technique Card Deck with Bronwen Stiene
2007 Your Reiki Treatment with Bronwen Stiene
2008 Revised Edition of The Reiki Sourcebook with Bronwen Stiene
2015 The Inner Heart of Reiki
2017 Reiki Insights
2018 The Inner Heart of Reiki into German